What is Living Yoga?

…an opportunity to come together with the power of intention, to learn, to grow, and to expand our experience.

Living Yoga is Willow Street’s deeper studies program. Designed for students who wish to explore more of what practice has to offer!

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At Willow Street, we are not only a friendly and accessible neighborhood yoga studio, but also as school for deeper study. We pride ourselves in having a deep connection to the remarkable tradition that is yoga. Living Yoga is one of our many expressions of this connection and is a great example of our bigger philosophy of growing, together and in relationship.

Even in its name, Living Yoga expresses that yoga is a bigger opportunity for consciousness in all parts of our lives. Although our work on the mat, and with the physical body, is a key opportunity and a great resource in the tradition, it only scratches the surface of the opportunities of the deeper tools.


Our Living Yoga programs are tailored to the interests of our teachers and community. We ask our faculty to follow their hearts, and to teach to what truly lights them up. The program structure is flexible to meet the needs of each topic and can include focused long weekends as well as multi-week and multi-month programs.

We find that there is a synergy that happens when we come together around shared interests, and we hope that you’ll find Living Yoga to be an opportunity for like-minded hearts to be more than the sum of our parts. Join us to explore an interest, make deep connections, and strengthen our community.


Ultimately, Living Yoga is an opportunity to come together with the power of intention, to learn, to grow, and to expand our experience from the power of our hearts.

Wheels of Life and Feeling: Exploring the Chakras


7 weeks with Joe Miller

Sundays, 10–11am, July 18–Aug 29, online


The yoga tradition recognizes that we are more than just these remarkable bodies and brains. We are a beautiful expression of subtle energies that connect and unite the sweetness of feeling with our very primordial nature.
In this Living Yoga workshop series, we will explore the chakras, or psych-energetic centers. These remarkable tools offer an interesting and fun lens through which we can access the Self. 

Each session will focus on a chakra and element. Classes will contain very limited movement, and will be primarily lecture and direct experience through meditation.

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Finding Balance in Teaching On and Off the Mat

4 weeks with Lori Wilen & Sarah Dugan
Wednesdays, 6:30–8p, Sept 29–Oct 20, hybrid (online + in-person)

As educators, whether our students are 3 or 23, we have dedicated our professional lives to caring for, supporting, and guiding others – and while this work can fill us with joy, it can also deplete us. 

If the past year has left you feeling less joy and more exhaustion, this series will help get you back on track. Reconnect with your love of teaching and find ways to maintain balance and boundaries through yoga and reflection. 

Through guided reflections, discussion, asana (movement), breath, and meditation practices, each session offers guidance for teachers in developing habits of both mind and body so you can find more balance and fulfillment in teaching and in life. The class sequence is designed to help you process stress and negative emotions effectively, learn what you need to feel happier and more fulfilled at work, and establish a vision for your own teacher-joy (including work-life balance).

Week 1 – Intention-setting/values
Week 2 – Empowering stories/choose your narrative (wholeness vs inadequate)
Week 3 – Emotions as tunnels/sign posts/signals
Week 4 – focusing on bright spots


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exploring the yamas & niyamas: yoga’s ethical foundation

terri shuck

The yamas and niyamas represent the essence of living yoga. These jewels of wisdom are the first two limbs of the 8-fold path of yoga, providing a practical framework for cultivating a well-lived and joyful life.


This online weekly study group will sequentially focus on each jewel through some short readings, journaling and group discussion, accompanied by a gentle touch of movement and mediation.


Terri Shuck will facilitate this participatory learning process with the supporting text of Deborah Adele’s book “The Yamas & Niyamas – Exploring Yoga’s Ethical Practice,” available in the WSY boutique and online.






Aligning with the intelligence of body

joe miller

An underlying principle in the yogic tradition is dharma. One definition of dharma is aligning with the flows of nature to live with more ease and grace. Similarly, dharma asks us to consider our circumstances, the relationships we are inherently in, and ask how we can align ourselves to function well in, rather than fight, these circumstances. 


This is perhaps nowhere truer than in our own bodies. Our bodies form the basis of our experience of existence… it’s through our bodies, our senses, that we interact with and understand the world around us. We are gifted with an internal structure that is beautiful in design and efficiency…and yet, because our bodies so central to our world, it can be hard to see where we are working well with this internal structure, and where we are working against it… where we are out of alignment. Join us to discover this dharma in your own physical body.



the resilient heart ii

lakshmi kanter

Our physical bodies offer profound doorways to inner guidance and wisdom.  And the gateway of the heart is one of the most powerful portals to our truest Self.


During these four weeks of heart-based inquiry, we will dive into teachings and practices to explore the layers of our hearts:  Physical, Emotional, Spiritual, and Pure Essence. With curiosity and tenderness, we will tap into the innate resilience which lies at our very center.


Our journey will include breathing practices, meditation, somatic and yogic movement, guided visualization, deep listening, journaling, and yogic philosophy. 


This is a stand-alone series. Attendance in the previous Resilient Heart series is NOT a prerequisite. If you did attend the first portion, this series will deepen and enrich your experience.