Dear friends and WSY community,
We hope this message and the new year finds you healthy and well during these challenging and historic times. 
We continue to find ourselves in this changing circumstance where balancing our safety and supporting our desire to come together are currently not in harmony. Willow Street Yoga will extend our brief pause of in-person classes in response to the current high COVID case numbers. We feel that this pause is the most socially-responsible action our studio can take to help slow the spread of this variant. We know this will be frustrating for some of you, and we really appreciate your flexibility. 
Just like all of our challenges, we will ride this wave of Omicron together. We will reassess the situation in early February and very much hope to open back up for in-person classes at that point. Although this pause of in-person classes feels reminiscent of 2020 to many of us, we now collectively know so much more about the virus and have additional tools to help us stay safe. It has been so gratifying to come back together in person, and we are confident that we will be able to practice in the studio again very soon.
Until that point, please join us and find your harmony practicing with us over Zoom in one of our wonderful 35 weekly online classes. We continue to develop and expand our offerings at WSY – we are very pleased to welcome back Morgan Similuk for Pre-Natal Yoga on Tuesdays at 5pm and we will be getting our meditation challenge back going soon (watch this space). We also always welcome any suggestions you might have to better serve you. 
Thank you for all you do and share, and thank you for your patience and flexibility as we figure out this newest incarnation of the school we call Willow Street Yoga.