Vedic Chant: Gayatri Mantra with Kalpana Shere-WolfeVEDIC CHANT


Gayatri mantra is one of the most sacred mantras from the Vedas. There are many descriptions and translations of this mantra. It is at one level dedicated to the feminine aspect of the Sun just before sunrise. At another level, Gayatri mantra is a prayer addressed to the Divine that entones adoration, meditation and prayer to awaken and illuminate our consciousness.

In this workshop, students will learn the Gayatri mantra in an easy step-wise manner with individual and group guidance from an experienced teacher.

About Kalpana

Kalpana was born in India and immigrated to the United States at the age of four where she has lived since. She grew up in New York and now resides in Baltimore. Since childhood she has had frequent visits to India, initially for summer vacations as a child and later for yoga and Vedic chant studies. She has a strong connection with India and its culture.

Kalpana is a mother of two boys, married, and a physician by training. She has studied yoga and Vedic chant since 2006 in the Krishnamacharya tradition and later became certified in yoga, yoga therapy and Vedic chant. Since that time she has been studying Vedic chant with her teacher, Mrs. Desikachar, on a regular basis. In addition to Vedic chant and yoga, she has been interested in Ayurveda after experiencing its health benefits. She has studied and taught Ayurveda since 2015 in the Maharishi Ayurveda tradition.

Kalpana considers sound – from Native American Indian Chant to Gregorian Chant to Sufi Qawwali to Vedic Chanting – as sacred: a beautiful, loving and all pervading aspect of the Divine that is accessible to anyone of any background.

Saturday, January 8 | IN STUDIO | 5:30p-7:00p | pay what you can – $10 suggested