Autumn Self-Care: A 2 part online series

with Belinda Baer

October 15, 29 at 9:00am

Join Belinda for a two-part online workshop series that will offer Āyurvedic self-care tools specific for the fall season. We’ll explore the qualities that are predominant in the environment during the autumn season and the ways to balance these same qualities in our own bodies to reinstate equilibrium. Leave this workshop series with a tool belt brimming with self-care tools, an understanding of why these tools are necessary and the encouragement needed to implement these tools into your daily life, so that you can better care for your loved ones.


Vagal Toning to Calm the Nervous System

with Kathy Carroll

October 15 at 3:00pm

In this all-level yoga workshop you will discover the vagus nerve’s central role in your health and well being. The Latin root of “vagus” means wandering. The vagus nerve wanders all over the body, connecting the brain with all the major organs. We will focus on postures specifically related to it, along with energy-balancing movements, and a short yoga nidra (yogic rest). You will come away with simple tools you can use every day to ward off anxiety and depression, reduce stress, heal trauma, and be your best.


Writing from the Heart: An Introduction

with Jamila Davies

October 16 at 11:15am

“Writers do not write to impart knowledge;
rather, they write to inform themselves.” -Judith Guest

Writing from the Heart is a technique that clarifies and connects us to our own inner landscape, where, letting go of the ego’s idea of how things should be, we open more fully to the almost magical experience of how things are.  The combination of remembrance, connecting to our own version of higher power or the universe, and “writing without stopping” can produce insights and breakthroughs not usually seen without years of writing practice. We remove the constrictions that keep us bound and our writing begins to flow.