Wisdom of the Heart
A Valentine’s Day Meditation
with Lakshmi Kanter

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Come exactly as you are to nourish your self, recharge, and dwell in the innate wisdom that resides in the center of your heart. When we invite our awareness to turn inwards, we invite a relationship with our inner being. What this deeper essences craves more than anything else is simply presence. Being with, observation, bearing witness.

On this Valentine’s Day – during a time when everything is constantly shifting all around us – we will feel into the part of us that is *always* present, what is unchanging. When we welcome ourselves back to this essence – touching in again and again – we meet the heart exactly as it is. We say hello. We glimpse how our presence alone can be the most potent form of love.

This meditative practice will include breathing, contemplating, meditating, and journaling. All are welcome.

This will be the launch event for WSY’s free month-long Meditation Challenge that will kickoff on Sunday 2/27 and run through Saturday 4/2.