Yoga to Calm the Nervous System

Date(s) - Friday, August, 19, 2022
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Instructor(s): Kathy Carroll

Class audience: Anyone who’d like to feel less anxiety and more resilience

At this time of stress and uncertainty, Kathy’s class helps us find grounding, inner peace, and compassion for ourselves and others. We do this through breath work, meditation, and postures designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm.

We also tie in brain/body research and evidence-based strategies to enhance self-security, happiness, and immune system response.

Though no two classes are the same, some practices we almost always do are foot massage for grounding, salutations to the moon in line with the moon’s current phase, and supine walking, a marvelous whole body stretch borrowed from Flexaware and Feldenkrais methods. Throughout the class we look to bring a spirit of lightness, humor, and freedom to our yoga.

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