Date(s) - Monday, November, 1, 2021
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm

Instructor(s): Leslie Howard

$35 each, all 3 for $90


This three part workshop is designed to help people with pain or tension in the pelvis, hips or back. Pain and tension can result from trauma or chronic holding patterns. Trauma can include chronic poor posture, surgeries, difficult labor, sexual abuse or other strains. Pelvic trauma or tension can contribute to chronic pain, incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse. This workshop includes a brief anatomy lecture and discussion, breathing techniques and yoga poses done with particular attention to gently relax the muscles of the pelvis, hip and back. Handouts will be provided to help support your practice of what you will learn.

This series is intended for students who are female identifying and anyone assigned female at birth.


November 1: Brief anatomy lecture, breath as the bridge from conscious to unconscious, supine poses to gently open hips and groin and lengthen the spine

November 8: Building on the class before, breath awareness practice, introducing therapeutically focused standing poses

November 15: Breath awareness practice followed by stabilizing poses done with support to learn how to engage and lengthen muscles properly.


Additionally, I want to acknowledge that due to societal inequalities the healing practices of yoga have been less accessible to black communities, so I am offering two scholarship spots in this workshop to the first two Black yoga teachers that would like to take them. Please contact for more information.


Leslie Howard is an Oakland-based yoga teacher, specializing in all things pelvic. She leads workshops and trainings nationally and has written a book about caring for the female pelvis, Pelvic Liberation. She is a regular presenter for the Yoga Journal conferences and a regular contributor to Yoga Journal magazine.  Her own struggles with healing her hips and pelvis led her to intense study of the anatomy, physiology, cultural messaging, history and energetics of this rich place. Her teaching is informed by over 3500 hours of yoga study with senior Iyengar yoga teachers.  She considers Ramanand Patel her most important influence and mentor. She has designed two very successful studies for UCSF on how to use yoga to alleviate incontinence and pelvic pain.  To learn more about Leslie or for some online education

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