Yoga for Fascial Release

Date(s) - Friday, August, 19, 2022
9:00 am - 10:00 am

Instructor(s): Tricia Kull

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. When it’s healthy, fascia allows your muscles to slide and glide as you move. But when your fascia gets tight and stuck, it can restrict your movement.  In this class, we will release layers of fascia in your body using props, techniques, and yoga poses.  The goal of this class is to release fascial “stuckness,” decrease tension, and improve body awareness.  Everyone welcome.

Props for Yoga and Fascial Release class:

  1. Tennis ball
  2. SOFT fascial massage peanut
  3. Puffy ball

If you do not have a soft fascial massage peanut or puffy ball, you can use a sock peanut as an alternative.  To make a sock peanut, take 3 knee socks or crew socks, ball of 2 of them and put them side by side inside the third sock, and tie the end.
Soft Fascial Massage Peanut purchase options:

  1. purchase from the Willow Street Boutique
  2. order from Amazon – a “soft” peanut is included in this 3 prop bag

BEWARE – there are a lot of similar-looking peanuts on Amazon but (probably) all of them are hard as rocks and not appropriate to sit on like we do in class.

Puffy Ball purchase option:
order from Amazon you get 4 balls so you have 3 back-ups, or you can share your purchase with a friend, or you can give them as gifts (once you experience how magical they are).


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