Sanctuary: Yoga for Fierce Times

Date(s) - Thursday, May, 13, 2021
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Instructor(s): Lakshmi Kanter

Yoga teaches us how to create and sustain a sanctuary within our own mind-body, a sanctuary that is our birthright. In this inner sanctuary, we can access more healing, spaciousness and even peace than we could possibly imagine.

Yogic practices train us to navigate back to our truest inner home over and over again. This is especially helpful during life’s inevitable losses, disappointments, and challenges, as yoga empowers to choose how we respond to things beyond our control.

Together we will explore yogic posture and embodied movement, cultivate our breath, harness the powers of intention, nourish ourselves with guided relaxation, and practice several meditative techniques. The power of the yogic practices that we share together well help each of us re-calibrate, rejuvenate, fortify, and transform from the inside out.

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