Date(s) - Sunday, October, 17, 2021
All Day

Instructor(s): Janice Levitt

REFRESH your body, mind, and spirit this Autumn. In our 14-day Autumn clean eating program, you will enjoy plenty of delicious, healthy seasonal whole foods and get back on track with healthy eating.


By crowding out processed foods and sugar with plentiful nutrient-dense meals, you will enjoy abundant energy, support your digestive and immune system, and drop some extra pounds.


The 14-day program includes everything you need to succeed:  Guidebook, daily protocol, seasonal Recipe Book with more than 70 Autumn recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, daily emails that inspire and empower you to take charge of your health, live kick-off Zoom meeting, and daily support via a private Facebook group to answer questions, share experiences, and cheer each other on.


Be part of a supportive community while you embrace clean eating, deeply nourishing yourself from the inside out. You’ll gently renew your body and mind with seasonal foods and rejuvenating Ayurvedic self-care practices. Janice has led over 1000 people through this program with incredible results.


Past participants said they experienced these results:


  • Felt lighter and more balanced
  • Increased energy
  • Fewer cravings
  • Lost weight (average 4-5 pounds)
  • Improved mood and better sleep
  • Got rid of toxins and improved digestion
  • Learned new healthy recipes and tried new foods
  • Gained confidence in the kitchen
  • Learned more about myself and my body through mindful attention
  • Generated motivation to continue on a healthful path after the program



–Cleanse dates:  October 17-30, 2021 (14 days)

–Preparation week begins October 9. All materials will be sent out electronically on October 9, one week before the cleanse begins, to give you a week to read, shop, and prepare.

–Registration closes October 9.

–No refunds after October 8.

Please go here to read the full description of the program:



Recent participants report:


“Felt lighter with more energy, and better mood. Loved the recipes.”

“Being more in control of what I eat has empowered me and I can see a way forward to maintaining the good habits we have been practicing.”

“Pain in back and joints have abated.”

“I lost weight, I am sleeping better, my mood is much better, energy level is higher, and have a more positive mindset.”

“I really enjoy cooking and this has opened up a whole new world for me, and helped me gain confidence in the kitchen.”

“Most importantly, I feel like someone has stuck a pin in me and debloated me.”

“My bowel movements have been amazing. I also feel lighter.”

“After the first week, my craving for chocolate and sweets was lessened.”

“I’m accepting that self-care is not selfish, but rather the opposite. It makes me feel GREAT!”

“I lost 5 pounds, slept better than ever, kicked my sugar habit, and LOVED the recipes.”



Invite a friend to register with you; cleansers participate online from anywhere in the country!


Program cost: $169, discounted to $149 for Willow Street Yoga students.



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