Date(s) - Sunday, July, 25, 2021
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Instructor(s): Maria Hamburger

Balance is happening all the time: in our daily activities, movements and in nature. When we recognize that balance is a way of life we can accept and work with the ebbs and flows of how our bodies adapt to balance and how we can gain more harmony in our lives.
Using balance poses we will explore what structures of the body need more support to experience balance.
Join Maria for all levels practice to gain better balance in body and life!
Maria Hamburger has been studying yoga for almost two decades, after spending her youth as a professional modern dancer. She finds that through yoga her passion for movement, anatomy and self-expression coalesce with her interest in living a life that is aligned with her heart and true nature. Yoga fulfills Maria’s desire to help others harness the benefits of an ancient practice to living more confidently and healthily in the modern world. Learn more at
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