Date(s) - Thursday, March, 25, 2021
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Instructor(s): Joe Miller

An underlying principle in the yogic tradition is dharma. One definition of dharma is aligning with the flows of nature to live with more ease and grace. Similarly, dharma asks us to consider our circumstances, the relationships we are inherently in, and ask how we can align ourselves to function well in, rather than fight, these circumstances.

This is perhaps nowhere truer than in our own bodies. Our bodies form the basis of our experience of existence… it’s through our bodies, our senses, that we interact with and understand the world around us. We are gifted with an internal structure that is beautiful in design and efficiency…and yet, because this relationship is so fundamentally close, it can be hard to see where we are working well with our internal structure, and where we are working against it… where we are out of alignment. Join us to discover this dharma in your own physical body.

Our bodies and our relationship with our bodies are intricate, fluid, and at times difficult to navigate. When we can work with our bodies as a tool for uncovering our own nature, we can align with our dharma once again.

In this Living Yoga deeper studies course, we’ll explore fundamental bio-mechanical relationships in our bodies and see how the tools of yoga can help us align with the innate intelligence that is available within all of us. We’ll explore these internal anatomical relationships to learn how our bodies work best and to practice aligning with our inherent structure so that we can live a life that is well-aligned.

Join Joe Miller as he draws on his decades-long experience and study of yoga and anatomy to explore:

Feb 25: The Global View (the relationships of the breath, nervous system, and mind)
Mar 4: The Fish Skeleton (relationships of the core)
Mar 11: The Pelvis
Mar 18: The Lower Body (legs and knees)
Mar 25: Shoulders, Neck, and Head
Apr 1: Hands, Feet, and Digesting the Big Picture

This series is perfect for yogis of all levels, and anyone interested in further exploring the relationships within our bodies.

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