There’s a lot going on at Willow Street!  Find out the latest news and updates about our classes and workshops here.

Recent News

Catch up on the latest news from Willow Street Yoga!


Welcome, Angelique!

We’re thrilled to officially invite Angelique Raptakis to our faculty! Join her Monday nights in Takoma Park for Gentle Yoga! Try her class for FREE on Monday, 6/14!


We’re Hiring!

Want to work at your favorite yoga studio? We’re looking for part time help at the front desk. Please email for more information!


Gary Kraftsow joins us in Sepember

We’re thrilled that Gary Kraftsow will be joining us (online) this September for a 3-workshop series focusing on the chakras and the yoga of interpersonal relationship.


Come Restore and Renew in May!

Join our Restorative Yoga May Challenge. Shed layers of stress while resting in supported poses! Restorative Yoga is practiced by holding resting poses for longer periods of time with the help of props. As you rest and release tension in body and mind, you allow your central nervous system the space to heal.


Moving Towards June

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost a month since we re-opened our studio doors for classes. These weeks have been hugely successful! We’ve loved having you in our spaces again, and are now seeing many of our classes filled to (current) capacity! As we move through this last week-and-a-half of May, we’re looking ahead with enthusiasm for continued expansion in June. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Our Schedule:

We hear you – you are happy to be back! Many of our classes are filling, so we are gradually expanding our schedule. This month we’re thrilled to welcome Bita, Maria Elena, Lisa L, Carol and Lori back to the studios! We’ll be adding more classes to the schedule as the month progresses. And we’re trying out hybrid classes (taught live and simultaneously streamed via zoom). See our current list of in-person classes below!

Our Pricing Structure:

Starting June 1, we’ll be returning to our regular pricing structure.

  • Do you want to attend in person? You can purchase an unlimited membership for $144/month or a 10-class pass for $190. Single classes are $25. (Yes, your membership / 10-class pass will include online classes as well!)
  • Do you want to remain online only? You can purchase a membership for $95, a 10-class pass for $75, or a single class for $10.

If you purchased a $75 10-class pass this May and have been attending in-person, we’ll honor the remainder of your pass for in-person and online classes through its expiration date!

What to expect in-person:

Regulations are changing quickly! We are still opening our doors for vaccinated students only. Per state, county, and CDC regulations, masks are optional once in our space, and classes are operating at full capacity.

Change is in the air!

It’s official: after more than a year we can see the other side of this pandemic. At Willow Street, we’re thankful that our community has remained strong and connected despite these challenges!

These historic times have been such a clear example that life reveals itself in unexpected ways. Our opportunity is to see our circumstances in a clear and grounded way, and make the decisions that are in line with the people we endeavor to be.

It’s been a time of great personal challenge, stress, uncertainty… a time that has tested and built relationships… a time that has inevitably brought us to the same fundamental questions that yoga asks: What is this journey about? What is the opportunity in this breath, mind, heart? 

This last year has invited us to reconsider much about how we shape and sustain our lives. We’re looking honestly at our leadership, deep-rooted inequity in our society, and the importance of community. We’re re-learning and re-defining what community means. At Willow Street, we’re thankful that our community had remained strong, though distanced, during this pandemic. The technology has even allowed us to reconnect with old friends around the world. Now, we’re inviting you to join local community in coming back together.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’re officially re-opening May 1st, in-person, for the fully vaccinated!

From all of us teachers and staff at Willow Street, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for continuing to grow together through this process, and invite you to join us in our beautiful Takoma Park studios in this historic spring.

We want to thank you for being part of the co-creation that is the Willlow Street community. we look forward to celebrating this spirit of growth for another 25 years. We are so happy to be able to invite you back to breathing, playing and growing….. TOGETHER.