Restorative Yoga Challenge

Stressed? Traumatized? Depleted? We all experience these feelings. Not just in a pandemic, but also because of our Race and Ethnicity. Because of how we grow up, how we learn, and the society in which we live. Are you interested in moving through the pain to a place of healing, resilience and empowerment?


As a launch from reading and discussing Dr. Gail Parker’s book, Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma, we are volunteering to serve you and our community in a free month of Restorative Yoga. Our goal is to reach and support as many folks as possible in this practice that is accessible for all. No yoga experience necessary. All bodies welcome.


We invite you to join our challenge!

We want to support you in committing to building a restorative practice this May! In our fast-paced world, it’s often easier to “do” than to “rest”. We challenge you to make this time for yourself, support your own healing, and be with your body. Register for the challenge and join us for more than 15 free online restorative classes this month.


What is Restorative Yoga?

Being held in supported postures, “invited to rest and feel. Rest and release. Rest and allow. Rest and know that we didn’t cause the wound, yet it exists.” – p. 19*

Restorative Yoga may, at first, feel like doing nothing. It is a time to set yourself up to rest comfortably and allow your central nervous system a chance to have space to unwind and heal. Doing this work in a supportive community can help heal us individually and collectively with the support of a yoga teacher.


Why Restorative Yoga

“This is an inside job… We can begin the process ourselves. In order to effect social change, we have to approach the task of educating ourselves and of healing our internal wounds with courage, dedication, and devotion.” – p. 29

“Observing and experiencing your body and mind shedding layers of stress and tension, which you may not have even known were there, is empowering.” – p. 71



Why now?

“The yogis tell us that when we heal our own pain, we heal the pain of seven generations behind us and seven generations going forward. When healing occurs, we will not continue to pass on the legacy of denying or hiding racial wounds.” – p. 103




What else?

“Cultivating attuned relationships, engaging in meditative practices, and practicing Restorative Yoga are examples of what you can do to tone your nervous system, keep it healthy, and support resilience.” – p. 91




Come join us any and all days in May for a free practice. We will offer suggestions for props you can use each time.


  • Mondays, 8–8:30p with Angelique
  • Wednesdays, 3:30–4p with Lisa
  • Fridays, 3–3:30p with Lori
  • Sundays, 8–8:30a with Maria Elena
  • Saturday, May 22, 4–5p with Carol


join the challenge!

* All quotes come from Dr. Gail Parker’s book.