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Yoga Classes

Aligned Vinyasa Flow

In this class expect to transition from one pose to the next in a steady and slow manner while syncing with the breath and focusing on alignment to protect joints, strengthen muscles and create space in the body, mind and breath. No one sequence is alike and each week you will transition through creative practices that target major and deep muscles in the body creating more mobility and ease in areas we tend to feel limitations with our daily routine. Vinyasa offers stability and strength, as well as mindfulness and a challenge to stay present with the breath.

All-Levels Yoga w/Maria

description tbd

All-Levels Yoga w/Suzie

An Alignment Based Class including Pranayama and messages to the heart.

Suzie Hurley, who founded Willow Street Yoga in 1994, has been teaching Yoga for over 40 years, drawing from her extensive study in the Anusara, Iyengar and Kripalu systems. She teaches with attention, precision and detail to alignment while offering a spiritual and philosophical perspective. Committed to her own spiritual growth, Suzie encourages and empowers her students with enthusiasm and humor to open to all of life with loving acceptance. 

Bones, Balance, Core, & More

Build strength and endurance, increase range of motion and agility, improve posture, prevent falls. This class is designed to promote long-term health with a focus on increasing bone health, balance, and the strength and flexibility to maintain an active lifestyle. It draws on Dr. Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall’s studies to prevent and reverse osteoporosis as well Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotov’s Yoga for Healthy Aging practices.


Gentle Yoga

Gentle Yoga integrates therapeutically-oriented principles of alignment into gentle muscle toning and stretching, along with restorative postures, breath work, and meditation. Excellent for those working with injury, illness, or chronic pain or seeking a gentler class than Yoga I, or anyone needing a space to restore and relax.

Getting Older, Getting Stronger

Increase your resilience, strength, and vitality – this class includes breath work, practices to warm-up muscles and joints, strengthen the core and back, improve balance and agility, and increase focus and clarity.  Students are encouraged to find their balance between ease and effort, start from where they are, modify where appropriate, and continually build strength and capacity.   

Carol (E-RYT 500, MPH, retired IT Project Manager) has trained in Yoga Nidra, Yoga for Healthy Aging, Yoga for Osteoporosis, Integrative Yoga for Seniors, and incorporates mind-body practices into her classes and daily life.

Healthy Low Back + A Little Chillin’

Join Joe on Monday nights for this readily accessible, quieting practice. This practice is for anyone who wants practical tools for a healthy back, as well as an exploration of core relationships in our body. You’ll leave with an understanding of how to work with these relationships and how they relate to mind, breath, and even heart.


Intermediate Yoga (I/II)

Level 1/2 – 2. I am excited to share in a practice of more advanced poses with you in this virtual class. But what does “advanced poses” really mean? It could mean paying closer attention to our bodies – physical, energetic, spiritual, mental – in less or more demanding poses. It could mean playing with a pose you may not typically include in your own practice. It could mean challenging ourselves to stop and sit and breathe. We will play with all of these iterations in our class together. I promise to offer alternatives and check points along the way to help you feel supported, safe, and ready to keep going.

Intermediate / Yoga II

Explore asana to gain strength and flexibility in your body and mind. Each week’s practice builds towards the next to provide consistency in your practice. This class grows from simple poses to more complex poses with places to stop and work along the way. This class is not intended for students with less than one year of asana practice. Every session includes a short meditation to round out the class. Recommended props include:
•2 yoga blocks or 2 large hardback books
•1 yoga strap/belt or 1 long scarf/necktie
•1 or more blankets or full size towels

Intermediate Yoga for Steadiness and Peace

This intermediate-level class includes some lunar-oriented asana for yogis with experience, as well as a substantial focus on meditation and pranayama. The class will leave you feeling chill, grounded, and connected to your body and breath.


Let Your Yoga Dance

Let Your Yoga Dance combines gentle yoga and chakra-inspired dance movement (no complicated choreography) with music from around the world. Guaranteed to boost your joy quotient in body, mind, and heart! Dancing is a natural antidepressant, good for exercising balance, loosening joints, and strengthening bones and muscles, especially the heart with some blissful cardio action. Fun and energizing for all ages, bodies, and abilities. No yoga experience or mat necessary, just a little room to move.  Our practice every Saturday at 11:15am is designed to combine joy and fun with the deep and the sacred.

Lunar Flow

Let’s chill out and connect within.

Come explore the lunar energy within, find your cool, and chill out. We’ll tap into the moon’s energy to teach us to slow down, re-connect with self, listen to our needs through a  slow-paced practice to help wind down your day.


Mindful Yogic Parenting


This class is targeted to parents and caregivers who want to build a community to take care of ourselves and each other. These are particularly challenging times – managing our children, ourselves, our work, our homes. Let’s join together in a yogic community to talk, move our bodies, breathe, meditate, and support each other. Appropriate for all levels of yogis.

Sanctuary: Yoga for Fierce Times

Yoga teaches us how to create and sustain a sanctuary within our own mind-body, a sanctuary that is our birthright. In this inner sanctuary, we can access more healing, spaciousness and even peace than we could possibly imagine.

Yogic practices train us to navigate back to our truest inner home over and over again. This is especially helpful during life’s inevitable losses, disappointments, and challenges, as yoga empowers to choose how we respond to things beyond our control.

Together we will explore yogic posture and embodied movement, cultivate our breath, harness the powers of intention, nourish ourselves with guided relaxation, and practice several meditative techniques. The power of the yogic practices that we share together well help each of us re-calibrate, rejuvenate, fortify, and transform from the inside out.

All levels welcome.

Smooth Wake-Up Flow

description tbd

Strength, Balance, & Breath

Level 1/2 with modifications for easier/harder poses as needed.Equal focus on strength, flexibility and many forms of balance. Often includes some vinyasa/flow sequences. Class always includes pranayama and savasana.

Sweet & Steady Flow

Sweet and Steady Flow offers a low-key, balanced practice centered on breath-based movements. Students can expect an extra-long warm-up; a leisurely-paced practice that builds strength, flexibility, focus, and calm; and extra attention to breathing and meditation practices. This steadying practice benefits students of all levels, including beginners, but is not suited for students with acute injuries, please.

WSY Rise & Shine

Come greet the day, salute the sun, get those kinks out so you can get you up and going! This is your chance to try out that early AM yoga class you’ve wanted to challenge yourself to do. The one hour will help you prepare for your day, provide a fresh focus for breath, body and mind to tackle all those “to dos” on your list. Class is for all levels. Come on, join in and lets ‘Get up and Get Going’~! Hope to see you there, to greet the day!

Yoga I

Yoga I introduces beginning and continuing students to principles of alignment and breathwork, primary poses and yoga basics, including use of props. Emphasis on standing poses and opening the shoulders.

Yoga I/II

Level 1-2 yoga class is designed for those who have had exposure to yoga, including introduction to basic yoga practices and proper alignment. The experienced beginner and intermediate students wanting to explore their practice and become more familiar with poses, use of the breath and meditation. 

Yoga & Fascial Release

Fascia is connective tissue that surrounds your muscles, blood vessels, and nerves. When it’s healthy, fascia allows your muscles to slide and glide as you move. But when your fascia gets tight and stuck, it can restrict your movement.  In this class, we will release layers of fascia in your body using props, techniques, and yoga poses.  The goal of this class is to release fascial “stuckness,” decrease tension, and improve body awareness.  Everyone welcome.

Props for Yoga and Fascial Release class:

  1. Tennis ball
  2. SOFT fascial massage peanut 
  3. Puffy ball 

If you do not have a soft fascial massage peanut or puffy ball, you can use a sock peanut as an alternative.  To make a sock peanut, take 3 knee socks or crew socks, ball of 2 of them and put them side by side inside the third sock, and tie the end.

Yoga & Meditation


Learn how to use yoga’s various tools for a holistic approach towards balancing the body and calming the mind. This class is suitable for practitioners with some yoga experience who are looking to integrate breath-centric asana, pranayama, chanting, mudra, chakra work, specific kriyas, yoga nidra and meditation in their yoga practice.

Yoga to Calm Your Nervous System

Class audience: Anyone who’d like to feel less anxiety and more resilience

At this time of stress and uncertainty, Kathy’s class helps us find grounding, inner peace, and compassion for ourselves and others. We do this through breath work, meditation, and postures designed to reduce anxiety and promote calm.

We also tie in brain/body research and evidence-based strategies to enhance self-security, happiness, and immune system response.

Though no two classes are the same, some practices we almost always do are foot massage for grounding, salutations to the moon in line with the moon’s current phase, and supine walking, a marvelous whole body stretch borrowed from Flexaware and Feldenkrais methods. Throughout the class we look to bring a spirit of lightness, humor, and freedom to our yoga.

Yoga with Phil

This class features slow-moving, mindful asana with integrated pranayama (breathwork) and meditation. Its deliberate, deep nature takes basic asana unflinchingly into the fire of inner awareness, burning away that which distracts or hinders so we can sit more deeply in the source of our own well-being. Everyone welcome.

Kids Yoga Classes

Kids Yoga

Come have fun, move your bodies, breathe, and relax together. Kids of any age (but mostly geared to ages 3-10) can join on their own or with a favorite adult. We will incorporate songs, silly movements as well as traditional yoga poses. Classes will always end with savasana (quiet rest), a peaceful moment and breathing together. I’ve chosen to teach this class because all our kids (mine included) need some time to see other kids, move their bodies, and have a bit of structured time.

Everyday Mindfulness and Stress Management for Teens

The stress of teen life is real, and so is the joy. Mindfulness is paying attention to ourselves and one another on purpose and with kindness. This class will include some guided mindfulness, movement, and relaxation exercises with time for sharing and laughter too. Proven stress reduction skills + community = lit.


This 10-week class series runs from Jan 3–Mar 7, 2021, and meets Sundays from 6:30–7:20p. Students can attend individual classes, but are encouraged to purchase a 10-class pass for the full series.



Pregnancy Yoga Classes

Prenatal Yoga

In this class expect to target the areas of most concern during pregnancy like low back pain, leg cramps, tight hips, tight shoulders or upper back pain, and so much more, while preparing body, mind and breath for labor through challenging poses that strengthen both arms and legs and help train you for the marathon of birth. Maria has been teaching Prenatal Yoga for the past 6 years and she enjoys guiding moms-to-be through pregnancy discomforts while educating women about pregnancy, birth, the stages labor and the postpartum period. With this class you are preparing for birth while keeping physically fit and connecting with your breath!






Meditation Classes

Meditation Mondays

Join Tuesday for an intention-setting meditation series every Monday. We will spend time sitting in a guided meditation and a few minutes journaling about our intentions for the year. I will pose one question for contemplation to aid in the journaling part of our session. Make this session and every Meditation Monday session part of your lunch time break. We meet every Monday at 12:30pm for 30 minutes via Zoom. Make the time to tune in to yourself and stay focused on your self-care and goals for the year.

Relationship of the Breath, Mind, and Peace

Join Joe Miller on Saturday mornings for a short meditation practice to enhance your weekend. Joe will teach ancient meditation practices that are both simple and accessible. This class is great for students new to meditation, and experienced practitioners alike.

Pranayama and Meditation

In this class we will begin with various Pranayama (breathing) techniques for 12-15 minutes, and then slip into Meditation with Suzie giving “pointers” while also leaving space for silence for 20 minutes. Suzie Hurley began a daily meditation practice in 1977 while in England with Transcendental Meditation.  She went on to explore Vipassana, other forms of Mantra meditation and has studied with numerous teachers over the years. Suzie met her present teacher Adyashanti 12 years ago and does one or two 7 day Silent Retreats a year under his guidance. Suzie’s forty-four year practice of meditation has prepared her to teach from a place of deep wisdom balanced with practicality and joy.

Seated Zazen Meditation

Zazen is a style of meditation primarily practiced by Zen Buddhists in the Japanese and Korean traditions. This quiet style of meditation focuses primarily on sitting upright, usually on a cushion, and focusing on your breath to aid in clearing the mind and bringing more mindfulness into your life. We’ll start the practice with a few moments of movement followed by sitting for approximately 20 minutes in silence together. Beginners welcome, but you may want to watch this introductory video (insert link here) to build up to sitting for a full 20 minutes in this style. Special meditation cushions (zafu) are not necessary – you can sit on a folded blanket or towel, stiff pillow or even a straight backed chair. Come join our sangha!









Pilates and Fitness Classes

Kettlebell Fundamentals for a Balanced Body

In this series Marvin will introduce the Big 5 Kettlebell exercises (Swing, Clean, Press, Squat, and Snatch) with detailed attention to alignment, movement, and safety. The series will cover many Kettlebell exercises but will focus on perfecting the 2-arm swing, without a doubt the most beneficial exercise in the Kettlebell arsenal. This all purpose movement pattern stabilizes the posterior chain, strengthens the feet and legs, improves hip mobility, and activates the muscles of the butt. Other health benefits of Kettlebell usage are improved finger and grip strength, abdominal breath control, and better posture. This series is perfect for beginners, and also suited for intermediate to advanced practitioners who want to perfect their mastery of Kettlebell technique. Since it’s introduction in 2000, the Kettlebell has established its effectiveness as an all purpose gym and practical supplement to every exercise program! Everyone and all ages are welcome. 

Mixed-Levels Pilates

Designed for healthy bodies (cleared by a health professional to exercise). This class is oriented toward advanced beginners and beyond, where there will be a flow from exercise to exercise focusing on reinforcing the core Pilates principles. Modifications will be provided to accommodate varying levels. The class will be grounded in the essential repertoire and will incorporate the intermediate repertoire.

Past experience in Pilates Fundamentals or past Pilates experience is helpful, not for brand new Pilates students.