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Welcome to our boutique!  In keeping with our commitment to providing you with the highest quality yoga instruction in a supportive, local, community environment, all of the product lines we carry in our boutique are chosen with an eye for not only quality and craftsmanship, but also with a commitment to supporting small, local, women owned and/or BIPOC businesses whenever possible.  Where we carry brand lines of larger, global companies, we look to those that have a long standing commitment to environmental stewardship and social justice.  Purchasing your props and other yoga needs through us supports not only our business, but the businesses of many of your neighbors and friends right here in Takoma Park!

We carry everything from yoga books and DVDs, to a wide range of yoga props, essential oils, Ayurveda products, clothing, and handcrafts of all kinds, including handmade candles, lotions, soaps, journals and jewelry, perfect for treating yourself or for gift giving!

Please stop by our boutique on your way into class.  Like us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with specials and sales!  Purchases can be made right through the website and picked up when we are open, or you can shop in person!

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Gift Certificates

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What better gift can you give someone than the gift of wellness?  Send someone special a Willow Street Yoga gift certificate.


Our Vendors

We work with small, local artisans to bring you a unique selection of gifts and apparel.

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image of matted prints, and clothing and jewelry on display

  • Handmade Habitat – scented candles and bath salts
  • Asali – soaps and body butters
  • Diamanti Designs – necklaces, earrings, imported Guatamalan handwork including scarves, ornaments and jewelry


We also carry the following brands:

  • Manduka – mats, mat products, blocks, straps
  • Jade – mats & mat products
  • Banyan Botanicals – Ayurvedic oils, herbs and balms
  • Wyndmere Naturals – essential oils, room sprays and jewelry

Handmade Habitat

scented candles and bath salts

image of Handmade Habitat candles and bath salts


Handmade Habitat was born from the desire to live more mindfully, walk more lightly, and be more active in our everyday choices. Founder Amina Ahmad started making candles in her college apartment while getting her degree in Environmental Science and Policy. After learning about the toxic effects our everyday products can have on our home, environment, and health, she started making her own eco-friendly all natural soy wax candles and beauty goods in between writing papers on how handmade is better for the environment.


A business born from slow, steady growth and lots of long days at summer craft fairs, Handmade Habitat is now based out of a small sunny studio in the Brookland neighborhood of Washington, DC, and is carried in 50+ stores throughout the United States.


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soaps and body butters

Erica Robinson is a WSY yoga teacher and the owner of Asali Aromatics, a luxury, naturally aromatic bath and body care collection whose line honors nature and the honeybee.  The line reflects a passion for formulas that inspire wellness of the mind, body and soul and is also categorized as natural perfumery. Asali Aromatics is committed to never using artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances. Asali is also a sustainable company that supports the wellness of bees and the planet, and therefore refrains from using plastic or excessive packaging, and instead uses reusable tins and glass.

image of Asali soaps and body butters in hexagonal tins

Diamanti Designs

Necklaces, earrings, imported Guatamalan handwork including scarves, ornaments and jewelry

image of jewelry on display


Penny Diamanti grew up traveling the world, collecting the beads and other components that she works into her jewelry along with an array of natural gemstones. She feels that all the materials carry echoes of the cultural and spiritual traditions of the lands where they were made and traded, and she honors these as she turns them into necklaces that contemporary women can comfortably wear anywhere. Penny has lived in Takoma Park since 1980.


As an 8-year-old living in Gabon when the first Peace Corps volunteers arrived, Penny was enchanted with their enthusiasm for promoting and marketing indigenous women’s arts and crafts. The dream to do something similar lay dormant until recently when she retired from three decades of running her Beadazzled stores and began working with Maya women in Guatemala, marketing their jewelry and textile art to museum stores & fair trade shops.


mats, mat products, blocks and straps


These high performance props are built with the idea that longer lasting, higher quality items that need to be replaced less often are better for the environment.  We carry their line of eKo Mats, which are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber, manufactured with zero waste and with no harmful plasticizers and free of toxic chemicals, dyes and phthalates.  


Check them out at

image of Manduka yoga blocks


mats and mat products


Originally a 100 year old family business making non slip carpet pads, Jade started making mats in 2000 with the idea that most mats were too slippery.  From there they developed the first natural rubber yoga mat.  Their eco friendly mats are made right here in the United States and they give back by planting a tree for every mat sold. 


Check them out at

image of multi-colored Jade yoga mats

Banyan Botanicals

Ayurvedic oils, herbs, and balms


image of Banyan Botanicals products: tounge scraper, neti pot, supplements and oils


This small business, originally started in 1996 by two Ayuveda practitioning friends in New Mexico, began with the mission of providing the highest quality Ayurvedic herbs and products to Ayurvedic practitioners.  Twenty five years later, this Certified B Corporation is USDA Certified Organic and committed to fair trade and sustainable sourcing.


Check them out at

Wyndmere Naturals

essential oils, room sprays, and jewelry


This small, women owned business was founded in 1995 and is located in New Hope Minnesota.  Their mission is to bring the highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products to the market at an affordable price, importing solely from growers and distillers who supply only to the aromatherapy market.  Their growers focus on maximizing and preserving the plants natural therapeutic qualities using environmentally sound practices in growing, while their distillers work to maximize and preserve the oils natural therapeutic qualities.


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image of Wyndmere essential oils on display