We believe…

The principles we live at Willow Street stem from the fundamental understanding that all people need a safe and grounded place in order to experience and support the full possibility of ourselves. With this is mind, we aim to create an environment of safety and growth that recognizes and celebrates the inherent goodness and potential in all of our hearts.


We believe that the value of yoga extends far beyond the yoga mat.


We believe that yoga is a study of yourself, and as such, no single practice is perfect for every student. We aim to meet our students where they are, from a place of love. We aim to see the truth and value of all individuals.


We are committed to growing together in community. We believe in the synergy that is created when we come together to learn and grow within a supportive network of teachers and students. We believe we never stop learning.


We love bodies, and aim to share this love by supporting ourselves, and each other in recognizing the temple of you! We believe that the body, breath, and mind are a true gift to guide us on this big journey of life.