legs crossed at the ankles and hands reaching for a yoga mat

Our History

Willow Street Yoga is proud to be one of the most-established studios in the DC area. We’ve been bringing yoga teachings to our community for over 25 years.


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close-up of a Shiva Nataraja murti (bronze statue)

Our Principles

The principles we live at Willow Street stem from the fundamental understanding that all people need a safe and grounded place in order to experience and support the full possibility of ourselves.


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Erica Robinson and Joe Miller back to back in a partner yoga pose

Our Intentions

Our intention is simple: to be the best people we can be… and to inspire and facilitate all beings to do the same. To live well and live fully. To explore ourselves and our world.


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I found Willow Street when I returned to hatha yoga (asana/posture) practice after dealing with some back, neck and shoulder problems.  I tried a couple of other studios, but Willow Street’s integration of alignment principles with meditation and breath was perfect for me due to my history of injuries and longstanding interest in the overall philosophy of yoga.  I have always found a class suitable for me, even when recovering from knee surgery.  And, during the pandemic I find the array of online classes to be fully supportive of my physical, mental and spiritual health.


I absolutely love Willow Street Yoga! I’ve been “doing” yoga for more than half my life now, but it’s really only since starting at Willow Street a few years ago that I have felt like I’m improving my understanding of yoga and deepening my practice. I have taken classes with several different instructors and appreciated all their different styles and approaches to teaching. My week feels incomplete if I miss my regular class, and every class I attend brightens my day and my week that much more!


I cannot say enough good things about Willow Street Yoga! WSY is so much more than a yoga studio. It is a true community of the heart and soul. Joe Miller and the WSY squad of teachers lead from the heart and bring us together in everything from gentle yoga to headstands. Days after the pandemic was declared and everything shut down, Willow Street Yoga had the full complement of classes online through Zoom. Seamlessly. So even though we were all confined to our homes, we could still practice yoga in community. What a gift!


Willow Street Yoga creates a sense of community among its participants. There aren’t words to describe how much it meant to me when I got a call from one of the instructors checking in to make sure I was okay as I hadn’t been in class for a few weeks last Fall. I look forward to meeting her in person one day but the connections made via Zoom over the last year are real and have helped bring normalcy to a crazy time.


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